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The Quarantine facilities range from keeping rhino and elephant, buffalo and plains game and a variety of carnivores.
Animals to be quarantined are obtained from game reserves all over the country. After capture the animals will be put into the quarantine facilities for a pre-quarantine period. When all the species and sex ratio are obtained the quarantine period will start according to the appropriate protocol.

Schoeman Wildlife Traders also facilitate all the necessary wildlife transport and documentation for animals that includes all the necessary permits for export. Schoeman Wildlife Traders also provide the crates in which the animals will be exported and Schoeman Wildlife Traders also provide quarantine camps, veterinary services, transport to Oliver Tambo Airport or airport in South Africa, all that is included in our quoted cost.
Numerous tests can be done on the animals and analyzed by the world recognized Onderstepoort veterinarian institute. Physical wildlife export is done by varies airfreight companies in custom made airfreight crates.

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Veterinary services
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