Captures & Exports

Schoeman Wildlife Traders don’t just do buying, selling and exporting of Game, the capture and transport is also handled by Schoeman Wildlife Traders professional and dedicated staff. Thus Schoeman Wildlife Traders is hands-on and by this ensure healthy and quality game as requested.

Game Capture

Schoeman Wildlife Traders is a provider of wildlife capture, game purchasing, game selling, game transport, game relocation, veterinary services, and the darting and counting of game by helicopter. We pride ourselves in providing a very professional, honest, reliable and ethical service.

Schoeman Wildlife Traders buys and sells live game on a daily basis throughout South Africa. Schoeman Wildlife Traders will go to a clients’ farm to look at the animals the client has to offer, from plains game to exotic animals.

Schoeman Wildlife Traders offers a complete and unique service to clients with permit applications, quotes, transportation and capture. We proud ourselves in our personal and professional manners.

Our relocation service extending from animal recovery through to specialised and mass capture, harvesting, veterinary services and game consultation.

All crates are lined with thick conveyor belting sourced from the mines, as this provides excellent padding for the animals, thereby reducing injuries. It also assists with blocking out the sound and in return, stress is minimized.  All trucks have sufficient ventilation installed for the animals. Completely equipped for elephant capture and translocation as well.

Schoeman Wildlife Traders make use of giraffe trailers to transport the animals as well as a giraffe recovery trailer which has been specifically designed and built for field work.

We also have a Professional Game counting service available on request.


About Capture

Wildlife Capture Products & Equipment

Schoeman Wildlife Traders uses game capturing equipment, transport vehicles and aircraft.

Game capture via Schoeman Wildlife Traders is always an interesting event. Animals are continuously being moved on or off the farm and or moved around from one camp to another and so making use of professionals as well as the correct equipment is imperative.

Schoeman Wildlife Services also do mass captures.